November 25, 2008


Woohoo... vacation time is almost here! I will be headed home to Maine with no access to WoW, and I am happy about it! =P I am halfway to 77 and will be gone for 5 days... Rest XP, how I love thee! I'm not sure I'll have a full 2 levels, but I am very tempted to hit 77 tonight and see just how much rest XP I can get out of not playing through next Sunday. Should make the rush to 80 a bit faster.

It is time for a break... I'm looking forward to spending time with family and living real life... yep, that's right, WoW is not life, although it's been taking up a lot of mine lately. I think I may work on lessening that soon... health/sanity/etc has been neglected and it's about time I figured out my priorities. Life comes first, then WoW. I seriously need to learn to adapt to that theory. The extra 70 pounds on my already unhealthy body say so. Sorry if I sound a bit bitter... I've just come to realize lately that I've ignored a lot of important real life things and that I need to make those a priority. WoW will not go away... but it won't be the FIRST thing I do when I get home from work anymore. =)

November 24, 2008

So Far, So Good

Northrend has arrived... or should I say we have arrived on Northrend? I chose to start off in Howling Fjord, it is absolutely beautiful. I did a few quests in Dragonblight and the Tundra before going to Grizzly Hills, another wonderful place... very Irish feeling, which is fitting for this redhead. =) I hear rumors I need to go back to Dragonblight because there are some pretty amazing quest chains there. I have been exploring Zul Drak which also has some wonderfully interesting chains. I never noticed it before, perhaps because I started right after BC came out, but I think Blizzard has put a lot more time and effort into the storylines this time around. Everyone in our guild is amazed by the scenery as well as the lore that has been included in this expansion.

I'm leveling with a dreamstate build. Honestly, it's taken longer than I had expected. A lot of people... let's say 15 out of our usual 30 or so raiders, are already 80. I'm sitting at 76, just having hit it late last night. And I miss my Wild Growth among our other talents. But I have to say, healing has not been difficult. I was healing 75-76 level instances at 72 and doing a fine job. The splash damage spread out among everyone would be taken care of so much easier with a quick WG to myself instead of 5 rejuv or LB's. Ah well... I'll be 80 soon enough, I hope.

The guild is starting DKP this week and I'm hoping not to fall too far behind. To be fair, they've divided everyone's current DKP by 5 so that there is less of a difference between top and bottom, but didn't think it was fair to wipe out everyone's to 0, which I think is fair even though I'm nowhere near the top... the people who have been in the guild the longest deserve not to have the results of their hard work wiped out totally. Several people who are not yet 80 are upset that they are starting with DKP, and will be using it on 10 mans. I can understand their concern to an extent... they're worried they'll get too far behind and won't have a fair shot at using DKP. On the other hand, those who are earning DKP will be using it in the raids they attend... for the most part they're mature enough not to stash it away and to use it on the upgrades that drop in the 10's initially. So while they get a head start at aquiring DKP, they also get a head start using it... I think it'll all even itself out in the end. Ahh... guild drama... fun fun. That's a new thing for us, we're all pretty laid back, friendly and non-dramatic so the argument was a bit of a surprise to everyone. I think some people are very unhappy, but they left it that if people were at an extreme advantage they would change the way things work. All I know is I am psyched to hit 80, start running heroics and raiding and be done with this leveling stuff... at least until I start working on my mage and hunter. =P

November 13, 2008

Well, Now I'm Torn...

The kitty in me thinks it would be just fabulous if I were to keep the spec I chose the other day for the last of the rune farming and stay feral to level in LK. My inner tree is not very happy with this idea and wants me to try out dreamstate so I can keep healing 5-mans while we all level up to 80. Things are expensive in LK... training herbalism, alchemy and cooking last night cost me ~200g, so multiple respecs are not going to be in my budget much longer. I have yet to train my first aid (50g... someone please tell me why this was 15g more than my other professions) or fishing. I'm very tempted to stay feral and plow through mobs... but part of me wonders if dreamstate would be just as easy. How much mana would we use, and how fast would it regenerate? Definitely something I need to look into. I really should be working, but picking up WOTLK last night and staying up until 3:30 in the morning has my head a bit fuzzy. =P

November 12, 2008

WOTLK Tonight!

Well, well, well... tonight's the big night, inspired by a few other blogs I decided to start my own, and on what better day to do it than the day the WoW Lich King expansion comes out? I figured I'd better get my first post in considering the fact that we'll all probably be pretty distracted this weekend. I put up links to a few of my favorite blogs and websites... there will be more to come. I plan on adding links to my favorite addons as well as a few other treats, but for now I'm sticking with the basics.

My copy of LK is reserved at GameStop, and according to the recorded phonecall I got yesterday they're starting the party at 10:00 and people can pick up their copy at 12:00am. Also, they welcome everyone to dress up for the event. Now, I love Ren Faires and I love WoW, but at 10:00 at night there is no way I am dressing up as a Night Elf (my main) or a Dwarf (my reality) or even a gnome (one of my favorite races). I will be heading there around 10:30-11, maybe meet a few people, chat, and pick up my reserved copy to run home with as quickly as possible.

I am praying the installation doesn't take more than an hour and I will crash as soon as that's done. I will go to work tomorrow, and I am positive the minutes will tick by... VERY S L O W L Y until I get out of work, at which point I'm sure several people will be well on their way to 80. I specced feral to help friends farm runes from the scourge event, but I am planning on respeccing some form of dreamstate to level. I love resto, and I want to remain a decent healer for 5-mans, but I want to see how much damage I can pull off with a few extra balance talents. This is the spec I'm considering: I've left out a few key talents, I'm sure. But to be able to do what I want to, I think I have the best combination to reach my goals.

I am also looking forward to getting my level 68 hunter to 80 (a friend suggested I make one and now I just adore my hunter) and leveling a death knight as well. I have far too many alts... 70 mage, 61 lock, 60 shammy, 50 priest and rogue, 32 pally and I enjoy them all, but top on the list to get to 80 will be my druid and hunter (since they're on separate accounts) then my mage and death knight, and then the rest. OK... I think that's enough rambling for one day. If you have any comments on the new spec, or anything else, feel free to post, I'd love to hear from you!