November 13, 2008

Well, Now I'm Torn...

The kitty in me thinks it would be just fabulous if I were to keep the spec I chose the other day for the last of the rune farming and stay feral to level in LK. My inner tree is not very happy with this idea and wants me to try out dreamstate so I can keep healing 5-mans while we all level up to 80. Things are expensive in LK... training herbalism, alchemy and cooking last night cost me ~200g, so multiple respecs are not going to be in my budget much longer. I have yet to train my first aid (50g... someone please tell me why this was 15g more than my other professions) or fishing. I'm very tempted to stay feral and plow through mobs... but part of me wonders if dreamstate would be just as easy. How much mana would we use, and how fast would it regenerate? Definitely something I need to look into. I really should be working, but picking up WOTLK last night and staying up until 3:30 in the morning has my head a bit fuzzy. =P

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